Baby Norm (Pediatric Normal Values and Drug Doses Calculator) is an application who allows to calculate normal values for a given child of a given age and weight/height. In particular Baby Norm Calculator provides normal values for anthropometric data (weight, height), vital parameters (heart/respiratory rate), blood pressure (including ambulatory blood pressure) and laboratory data.
    The cardiac section include an updated and complete list of echocardiographic z scores/normal values providing a very helpful tool for pediatric cardiologist. Moreover the section also contain data on foetal echocardiography, ECG, cardiac MRI and various type of pediatric stress test thus resulting the most complete application currently available.

    Baby norm calculator also allows automatic calculation of drug dosage for a child of a given age and weight/height.

    Data storage: Possibility to store patient's data by code.

    Baby Norm: An easy, essential tool for pediatric Cardiologist, Pediatrician, Anaesthetist, Nurses, and all Pediatric Care Giver!!! Baby Norm: all you need in daily clinic in your mobile, in your hands!”

    Baby has been developed trough the joint work of two Italian Institutions, Fondazione CNR- Regione Toscana G. Monasterio (FTGM) and the Institute of Clinical Physiology, National Research Institute (IFC-CNR),
    The two main authors are Dr. Massimiliano Cantinotti, a pediatric cardiologist, expert in cardiac imaging, operating at the Pediatric Cardiologist and Guch Unit of FTGM, Massa and Pisa (Italy) and Marco Paterni, a medical engineer operating at IFC-CNR, Pisa.

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