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    Baha'i Huqúqulláh Mithqál Calc

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    The mithqál is the unit used in the Kitáb-i-Aqdas for determining dowry and Ḥuqúqu’lláh payments. One Bahá'í mithqál is equivalent to 3.642 grams, or 0.1171 troy ounces.

    The app helps to find the current cost of 19 mithqals of gold which will be useful for the Baha'is to easily find out if they are due to make the Huququllah payment. The cost is displayed in the currency selected by the user from the dropdown menu. Various currencies are supported including, USD, INR, EUR etc.,

    Also the app can be used to find out the weight of 19 mithqals in other weight units- kilogram, gram and troy ounce. The weight unit can be selected from the dropdown menu.

    Apart from 19 mithqals, user can also find out the cost of 95 mithqals or any other number.

    The gold rates are updated once every 24 hours while the application is being used. The USA gold rates is taken as the source for the coversion. The gold rates are updated through the services provided by Thankful to the CurrencyLayer team.
    The website was also used for reference.

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