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    In a letter dated 10 July 2014, the Universal House of Justice called upon all Baha’is to adopt the Badi Calendar. According to the House “The adoption of a new calendar in each dispensation is a symbol of the power of Divine Revelation to reshape human perception of material, social, and spiritual reality. Through it, sacred moments are distinguished, humanity’s place in time and space reimagined, and the rhythm of life recast. Next Naw-Rúz will mark yet another historic step in the manifestation of the unity of the people of Bahá and the unfoldment of Bahá’u’lláh’s World Order.”

    This app was developed to help transition our daily lives and conception of date/time from the Western Gregorian calendar to the Badi Calendar.

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    - Today view with a calendar that shows the week day names along with Sunset times for the start and end of each day.
    - Upcoming Events view which shows all the events that are coming up along with
    - If work should be suspended or not
    - Suggested Observance times
    - And a quote from the writings
    - Fasting view that shows the date along with the Sunrise and Sunset times for each day of the Fast
    - Settings view that lets you control where your location is and if you prefer to see times using the 24 hour clock

    We hope that you find this app useful and if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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