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    Excellent performance in online videos and music playback!

    Download the most reliable web browser: great performance, smooth and fast navigation, all major audio formats supported.

    Try BAI for free to surf the web, discover new music, watch videos, explore websites, use applications, follow blogs and social networks, download files, images and much more ... all in one place!

    Why should you use the BAI browser?

    BAI is totally free

    Super speed. Faster than others! It takes seconds to install and loads the pages very quickly!

    The application has advanced synchronous download technology, which facilitates your web surfing experience by streaming music and videos easily and very fast.
    Listen to music and radio online without interruptions. This browser has a high-quality sound engine to play MP3, MP4, MSE, AAC, OGG, MIDI, FLAC, Wave, WebM audio formats.

    Integrated search engine: very important feature of the browser that allows you to get the best results available on the network.

    Playing videos online
    Enjoy the best HD videos on the most popular platforms. Discover incredible videos about sports, music festivals and fashion shows.
    The BAI browser is optimized to watch videos in the most common formats: MPG, MP4, AVI, 3GP, MPEG

    Secret navigation: stay incognito
    You can surf the internet anonymously, the browser will not save your browsing activities.

    Visit social networks: Social media is part of our daily lives. The BAI browser allows you to browse all social networks easily.

    Play free games in HTML5, fluid, fast and as often as you want!
    Discover new games, complete challenges and record your best playing moments, all with the BAI browser!

    Download this browser fast, secure and easy to use! Have fun browsing all the content you love with the best technology and flexibility.

    We hope you will enjoy the app as much as we do!

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