# What is BallTune?
    BallTune uses the bouncing characteristics of your soccer ball to compute its inside pressure (PSI and BAR) WITHOUT A PHYSICAL GAUGE.
    BallTune helps you play the game your way without special equipment. Whether you want power or control, BallTune allows you to tune the pressure of your ball to your play style.
    Ball Size: BallTune currently tests Size 5 balls only. We are adding Size 3 and Size 4 in next release.

    # Why Does Pressure Matter?
    FIFA regulations require soccer balls to be inflated between 8.5 to 15.6 PSI.
    Within this wide regulated range of pressures, manufacturers also print their different recommended pressures on the ball (i.e., 8 to 10.5 PSI, 9 to 11.5 PSI, 11.5 to 14.5 PSI)
    Each soccer ball comes with different recommended ranges, so most amateurs and officials test for pressure by feeling and bouncing the ball on the floor and/or on the head.
    A pressure gauge typically is not used, as there is no “one pressure fits all” due to the diversity of soccer ball designs and materials, as well as players’ preferences.
    Players usually test pressure by “feel” to know whether their ball is under-inflated, over-inflated, or “okay” (within regulation pressure range and within manufacturer recommendation for a specific ball).
    -> ALSO: Over Inflated soccer balls can cause concussions.


    # What Value Does BallTune Bring You?
    BallTune analyses the bouncing characteristics of your soccer ball extremely accurately to compute the internal pressure of the ball.
    Soccer ball sizes and weights are regulated, and your soccer ball’s feel to your foot and its flight behavior is directly linked to the bouncing characteristic of the ball.
    Using that data, BallTune is able to give you 5 different pressure zones to choose among depending on style of play or field condition.


    # How Can BallTune Improve Your Game?
    BallTune gives you a way to tune, or adjust, your soccer ball according to your preference, play style, or environment.
    Here are the 5 pressure zones computed by BallTune:

    • Under-Inflated: Allows for safer heading practice and usable for play in very confined areas. Limited bounce.

    • Control: Ideal for smaller fields and harder surfaces, this range is for precise passing and easier settling of the ball.

    • Accuracy: The perfect combination of power and control increases accuracy and allows for putting spin or bend on your ball.

    • Power: Maximum velocity and distance traveled per kick.

    • Over-Inflated: Caution: An over-inflated ball presents an unnecessary head injury risk. Not recommended.


    # How Accurate is BallTune?
    BallTune can compute the bouncing height of your soccer ball to 1/16 of an inch.
    Typically, the pressure accuracy is +/- 1 PSI. The differences in consecutive readings are due to the ball falling on the valve or the stitches of the material, thereby providing slightly different values.
    However, repeated test of the same ball and pressure averaged will give a precision of less than +/- 0.5 PSI.

    # Other IMPORTANT Applications:
    BallTune can quickly detect if a soccer ball is over-inflated.
    Research shows that repeatedly heading an over-inflated ball may cause brain damage. The higher the ball pressure, the risk for brain damage increases.

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