Barking Dog Sounds




    This free Barking Dog Sounds library includes more than fifty different types of dog sounds.
    Dogs breeds: doberman, pitbull, schnauzer, rottweiler, labrador, german shepherd, cocker spaniel, whistles, puppies.

    Barking Dog is a great collection of different type of barking, howling, whining, growling, angry dogs sounds, puppy sounds and whistles. Your dog, cat or other animal will surely react on some of these sounds.
    Can stop dogs barking immediately choosing some barks sound. It's some kind of dog translator. Your bark buddy will like it. If your dog howler also he'll love this free app.

    • easy to use: just press on image to trigger a bark, growl, whining or howl.
    • please note that the dog sounds are not exactly related to the dog breeds on each image.

    Choose whistle frequency to train your dog. Dogs hear higher frequencies better than people do. That’s why dog whistles seem to be silent.
    Whistle can train your dog. Smaller dogs are more sensitive to higher frequencies.

    There is various types of dogs breeds:
    • labrador bark
    • angry rottweiler
    • terrier growl
    • sheepdog barking
    • cocker spaniel whining
    • doberman howling
    • schnauzer guarding sound
    • pitbull in rage sounds
    • german shepherd
    • spaniels
    • puppies
    • puppies games

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