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    Basic Math Training is a free math app that will help you learn some maths trick and also make you become comfortable and fast with maths calculations and finding solutions.

    It improves brain training which will help to increase your thinking ability, enhance your memory and help you become better with analytic thinking.

    Developing your cognitive and maths skills through continuous practice and brain training will help you become a great achiever and more productive

    Basic Math Training takes users through a level system that builds on previous knowledge from lower level. To cap it all, you will learn other forms of math tricks with the generally workout section.

    The app covers maths topics like:





    Mixed Operation

    Maths Work

    Maths Triangle

    Duel Mathematics

    Sequences trick

    Quadratic Solution tricks

    Prime Numbers

    Your age maths

    Brain Training Math tricks

    Square Number ending with 5

    Divide by 5

    Complex Multiplication

    Power of 2

    Square numbers between 10 and 50


    Square root

    Multiple of.

    For students writing high school exams like WAEC, NECO, JAMB, GCE, KCSE, this app will help them improve in areas like quadratic equation, prime number, sequence

    The most striking section in Basic Math Training is the age calculation training. This will expose you on how to estimate and calculate age in months with a given date of birth

    The addition number game is also an interesting maths trick to help improve your number combination by addition.

    Remember that those that learn math tricks and master it always feel cool in school or around friends

    Although the name suggest its a basic app with it will make you think fast and out of the box.

    If you have any problem or suggestion, kindly contact me and I will fix it.

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