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    Maybe your Friends know Nada or Basic key in learning bass guitar jazz, rock, blues etc. Actually not much different from the basic tone of the guitar is generally only consists of seven scales are Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do. And know if the guitar is A-B-C-D-E-F-G. But not a few guitarists or bassists who are still confused in learning the key "chord" guitar or bass. Well here we will learn a little about it with a little picture.

    Basic Lock Image Beginner Bass Guitar
    Many of you just memorize the shape of the guitar key but Want to play bass guitar? Well to outsmart, we must first learn Basic Theory of Music On Bass guitar.

    Maybe by knowing the basic key on the Bass guitar you will know where the key A B C and so on a bass. Immediately following are seven basic bass guitar keys that must be mastered for beginners who are learning to play bass with a key location on the bass.

    Captions are as follows:
    The black round point is the point where the finger presses the fret. Like the example on key A, press string 4 on the 5th fret it will sound the key tone A. In the picture looks the line of the bold ditebalkan. This means that the string is sounded without any pressure on the fret.

    Well how reviews on the Basic Keyboard Picture of the Beginner Bass Guitar? Is it understandable? Yes because this is a Bass guitar there may be some that still can not be understood. But actually not much different from ordinary guitar, it's just a technique that distinguishes how to play it. Maybe until here just review the key picture Beginner Guitar Bass which hopefully can be your reference. Keep learning and keep practicing in guitar playing. Thank you! Keep the spirit.

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