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Become A Nike Reseller

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    Thanks for checking us out I know you are wondering what's the $24.99 fee is for right ?

    Well that's the signup fee to become a Nike Reseller, the original fee is $49.99 which is still low but by downloading this app you receive more then what you pay for. The sneaker business has become a billon dollar business and we know you will love to tap into that. Now is your chance to purchase authentic Air Jordan's and Nike shoes below retail, after you purchase this app you will receive a full catalog with prices so you can purchase wholesale and a certificate stating your name as a Reseller. This is great for EBay sellers, let me give you an example a pair of Nike Galaxy Foamposite sell between $2500- $5000 on the net easy but by becoming a Nike Reseller you can purchase for $600 OK still not convince? A pair of Nike Lebron Corks sell between $400-$800 on the net easy but you can purchase for $150.00. This is a big money maker and best of all you get a full refund if you Dont make anything within 30 days. You also use your Google Wallet account to purchase shoes from the catalog, and we know you are asking are the shoes really authentic? Yes or your money back guaranteed. Every time you make an order from the catalog your order is protected with a 30 day money back guaranteed if you feel that the order you received is not as describe. What are you waiting on ? Start making money instant

    You will receive your shoe catalog and other forms after you download thanks