Best Dinosaurs




    Discover the world of dinosaurs!

    Find out the secrets of prehistoric reptiles from Jurassic jungle with application Best Dinosaurs!

    Watch high quality pictures of realistic dinosaur reconstructions and be amazed by artistic sound interpretations of these extinct animals. Read fascinating descriptions and hear individual noises of each and every Mesozoic reptile. Learn how dinosaurs in real world looked like and how did they live before hundreds million years ago.

    Best Dinosaurs application contains over a dozen different pictures of prehistoric dinos, accompanied by terrific sounds and interesting information from the most reliable sources. You can freely set any sound as a ringtone or use chosen image as a wallpaper. Nineteen unique Mesozoic reptiles just can't wait to be discovered – so download Best Dinosaurs, to hear their horrific roars and fearful growls! It sounds realistic!

    You can find descriptions of: carnivorous tyrannosaurus (T-Rex), herbivorous triceratops, spinosaurus, stegosaurus, diplodocus, allosaurus, monoclonius, dilophosaurus, iguanodon, pterodactylus, velociraptor, flying dinosaurs and water dinos.

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