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    Best qibla direction finder is emerging application to find the qibla direction, best qibal direction finder is helpful for the proper direction of the kiblah direction. Kiblah direction helps to find the location of the mecca by directing the needle towards mecca w.r.t the E.W.N.S angle. Fast qiblah finder helps to get the kaaba direction without much interruption. Qibla locator is embedded with custom backgrounds for the users. Qibla locator is helping to find the qiblah using qibla compass. Qibla compass is integrated with multiple qiblah needles to direct kaaba direction on the qibla compass.

    Qibla compass contain various qiblah needls for direction of qiblah in form of qibla locator. Qibla locator has many qibla compasses to qibla connect and qibla compass helps to get kaaba direction. Mecca finder has more than 8 qibla compasses, mecca finder is embedded with multiple themes.

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    Distinctive Features:
    Qiblah Compass can…
    • Qibla direction finding
    • Change the themes, Custom Background colors
    • Track Kaaba location with internet or without internet
    • Change country and city to check other cities’ qibla direction

    For Best Direction
    • Place Device Parallel to a Horizontal Surface (Floor, Table etc)
    • Don’t take device near to Electromagnetic Equipments
    • Change Backgoround, qibla compass and qiblah needles which is most suited
    • Calibrate the Device Sensor by Moving Around your Device

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