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    Bookcase – Build a magnificent library, filled with words and signs, that no one understands.
    Armor Stand – Equip and unequip armor sets when coming or leaving home in a simple way.
    Display Case – Put those rare artifacts on display.
    Potion Shelf – Finally a place to put all my pois… err healing potions!
    Tool Rack – Four spots for easy tool storage, show off those tool and grab them just when needed.
    Shelf – Decorate the rooms with this shelf and display souvenirs for everyone else to see.
    Wood Label – A better solution to naming containers compared to the sign.
    Desk – Becoming the next J. K. Rowling couldn’t be simpler. Type the next best-selling novel in this desk, sign it, and soon enough, words will spread…
    Typesetting Table – …but those words can be spread faster with the help of this table. Share the saved books with friends via copying folder and passing it around…
    Printing Press – … but sharing could also be done with this ingenious contraption, which will speed up the distribution via copying signed (or enchanted) books.
    Wooden Table – Finally a place to put your cup of Coffee before it cools down.
    Seat – After all these years finally somewhere to sit down and relax in minecraft, no more sitting on the stairs. Customise it with Seat Backs as well.
    Dinner Plate – No more eating out of chests or the floor, add a touch of class to your eating experience.
    Fancy Lantern – Show the neighbours that their torches on the front yard are a relic of the previous era!
    Fancy Lamp – No more torch pollution in the home, upgrade to one of the 3 different models of light-emitting lamps!
    Cookie Jar – Disguised anti-theft contraption. Don’t get caught with your hand in it!
    Disc Rack – Show off your record collection or those fine dinner plates.
    Map Frame – For the aspiring cartographer, display your maps and more.
    Desk Bell – “Ding Ding”


    Tape Measure – How far was it again? 57? 58? No longer is manual labour required for measuring!
    Reading Glasses – Seeing in to the tiny world of hidden mod information.
    Tinted Glasses – Costumization cannot be forgotten!
    Monocle – Become a true Gentleman.
    Print Press Chase – Used with Typesetting Table.
    Print Press Plate – Created with Typesetting Table, use in the Printing Press to copy books.
    Enchanted Plate – Created with Typesetting Table, use in the Printing Press to copy enchanted books.
    Drafting Compass – Mark those important places on the map.
    Waypoint Compass – Old school GPS, tell it where you want to go and it’ll point you in the right direction.
    Redstone Book – Used with Bookcase. Create that hidden entrance you always wanted.
    Clipboard – Never forget the daily chores with this handy check-list book.
    Screw Gun – Tighten up the table cloths before wind takes them away.
    Lock and Key – Prevent eavesdropping inside containers! Creative Only
    Atlas – A book which can be used as a Journey Map and can have waypoints. Can hold many maps so when the player walks off the map, the player walks onto the next one.

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