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    Published: 2015-03-10, by .

    While not actually free, Bigo does let you make very cheap international calls.

    • Cheap international calls
    • Misleading description

    "free domestic and international phone calls"


    The fact the Bigo claims free domestic and international calls is somewhat misleading, as you will require an internet connection and credits. Credits can be attained for free, but not very many of them. Bigo is a cheap way to make international calls however.


    The domestic calls work out cheaper through my cell carrier than through Bigo, but international calls were somewhat cheaper if buying credits and using Bigo. It is also possible to attain free credits, however not very many it seems, making international calls the most likely use case.


    The fact that this app claims free domestic and international calls is somewhat misleading. You can get free credits and use them to make calls, however you will most likely still have to pay for internet, and the free credits aren't likely to last very long.

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    by Oliver

    Mar 10, 2015


    Bigo is a revolutionary communication app which allows you to make free domestic and international phone calls. With Bigo, you can make free phone call to anyone at anytime from anywhere, including US, Brazil, Katar, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and other more than 230 countries/regions!

    More about Bigo's Features:

    > Make phone calls to any mobile or landline worldwide
    Bigo Out can call any landline and mobile phone of any country, without requiring callees to install. You may purchase credits after the free credits are used up, to enjoy a high quality international call at extremely low rates.

    > Ultra HD video calls
    Can voice calls and text messages be enough when you are communicating with your bbf, girlfriends, and lovers? Talk face-to-face now!

    > Unlimited messages
    Use our rich text, voice, photos, and funny expressions to chat with your friends. Create chats groups and discussion groups for free. Large groups with the capacity of 500 members are available.

    > Invite your friends and gain free credits
    You will be rewarded considerable credits when invite your friends to use Bigo. The credits can be cumulative from month to month.

    * Ads free! The potential data flow fees are paid to your mobile operator.
    * Charging rate of Bigo Out depends on the place the call is made to, instead of the country where you are located in; please click here: for the charging rate in each country. (Much cheaper than Viber and Skype.)

    Keep an eye on our product updates and news:

    Any feedback or questions, please let us know via:

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