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    Warning! Early alpha version!
    Basically - Jarvis.

    More elaborately - have you ever wanted to control your device without the need to interact with it with your hand by any means? Have you ever had that moment "damn, that's cool that those movie characters have voice interfaces but I don't".

    Fear not, that's when BigOS comes in!

    Usage: launch app, start service, install it, check the first checkbox and forget! Whenever you'd like the phone to do something, just ask him!

    Small how-and-why:
    - If you want your phone to do something, call him by his name, which you assign in the beggining. Why? Imagine you're in the bus and someone talks near you. They could speak the word commands!
    Apart from that it's a bit more personal when you call your phone by his name.

    - There is a vibration incentive that you should speak. I used it to inform the user that service is listening NOW. Before this moment phone won't record anything you say. SpeechRecognizer in android has a tendency to listen to anything and assume it was you so I had to separate him from the speaker by pauses. However it restarts for quite some time. Give it some patience and you'll get used to it. I plan to improve it.

    - GET BETTER TEXT-TO-SPEECH ENGINE! By default android phones are equipped with ugly TTS engines that speak like robots. Get Ivona or simmilar. You'll thank for it later.

    - There are very few commands currently. But will be more. And especially - there will be more languages.

    - Why BigOS and not Jarvis? There already exists app called Jarvis. It Big in polish (Biegły Interpretator Głosowy) stads for Great Voice Interpretator.

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