Bill Reminders




    Bill Reminders provides a simple way to set up reminders on your phone for those important monthly bills.

    You simply set up a date, a time, a bill type, description and amount and save the bill reminder.

    Then at the selected date and time you will get a reminder to pay the bill. It's that easy!

    You can then click the reminder to repeat it for the following month.

    You can choose the date format US or UK, check the actual reminders stored on your phone, delete items from the table that you no longer need reminders for and share them via email - for example you may need to supply to a financial service provider, debt agency - or simply to keep your own record on your laptop.

    Some financial services provide reminders to pay their bill - but often not on time - so you end up paying late payment charges or even getting taken to court for non-payment.

    Who do you trust to set up bill reminders YOU or the company you owe the money?

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