Biometric Secure Screen Lock




    Unlock your Android phone with this Fingerprint Lock!
    You can use the Fingerprint Lock as a lock screen to your phone.
    Simply run this app and it will look like your normal lock screen.
    This is the only Finger print lock/scanner app which has a real look.
    Also it perfectly works with new HD displays.
    Of course, the screen of your Android smartphone cannot read your fingerprints,
    it simply responds to the touch. . It works great as a lock screen, but is great for pranks,
    jokes, and fooling people. The trick is that you have to put your finger on the thumb scanner
    and wait until the scanner beam animate one cycle. Then quickly remove your finger and it
    will unlock your phone. This naturally doesn’t know your friends and so they will think you've
    built a real biometric fingerprint reader in the touch screen of your mobile.

    All needed FEATURES are available on this screen lock like :
    Volume on , off and vibrate
    Bluetooth on and off
    Wifi on and off
    time and date
    Missed Call notificatons
    Unread Sms notifications
    Battery percentage and notifiy that charger is plugged or unplugged
    Emergency Call facility
    and also help is provided