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    Blain Valve Configurator, EV4 Calculator, Power unit calculator:

    Blain Hydraulics’s valve configurator is designed to help purchase managers, engineers, designers and service technicians with the necessary information needed to configure, adjust and service Blain valves. The APP consists of a valve configurator, valve adjustment procedure, troubleshooting, product library and explosion drawings of valve assembly. The app has been designed to run in offline mode, which means technicians can use the app for real time servicing and troubleshooting in elevator shafts / machine rooms where internet connectivity may not be available.

    The highlights are as follows:-

    • The configurator calculates the technical parameters based on user input and recommends the correct Blain valve to the user with recommendation of accessories and safety components
    • The step by step adjustment procedures helps technicians adjust the valve on site should they need it. The Audio/Video adjustment procedure (may need Internet connectivity) makes it very easy to understand the valve adjustments and see the effects of adjustments on the functioning of the elevator. This can also be used as a training guide to understand the adjustments and get acquainted with Blain products.
    • The troubleshooting comes handy for technicians to troubleshoot problems and recommends useful solutions making it easy to execute onsite maintenance/service calls quickly.
    • The product library offers users with useful information on different Blain products along with spare parts and accessories.
    • Explosion drawings give field technicians an inside view of the valves and helps them figure out the valve assembly for ease in ordering and servicing spare parts.
    This is a must have tool for every elevator professional working with hydraulic elevator applications using Blain valves. The APP saves the headaches at the site where accessibility to up-to-date information is often critical and provides all the necessary information including contact numbers of Blain Hydraulics saving time and money.

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