Blue Glass for Theme Chooser

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    Blue Glass for Theme Chooser

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    You must have the THEME CHOOSER app on your phone for this to work. I know for sure that it is included in CyanogenMod 7 and Liquid Gingerbread. In other words, you MUST have a rooted device for this to work. This is for HDPI devices only, I don't have any plans to support MDPI devices either.

    If you have a non-market version of this app, you MUST uninstall it before downloading this ffrom the market or else it won't install!

    This is a Blue Glass theme and is still evolving as the days go on. I have included many themed app icons as well, if you want more icons, I also have a Blue Glass theme for ADW launcher as well.

    Install Instructions:

    1. Install
    2. Go to Theme Chooser
    3. Select Blue Glass
    4. Apply
    5. Reboot

    Updating Instructions:

    1. Install Update
    2. Go to Theme Chooser
    3. Select System
    4. Apply
    5. Go to Theme Chooser
    6. Select BlueGlass
    7. Apply
    8. Reboot

    Please email me with issues or changes you would like to see. This is one of my first full blown themes, and I have only tested on my Droid.