Bosco Fest 2017




    "Ah, music, a music beyond all we do here"

    It's back - that segment of the Four Seasons that marks the overture to the stage in every student's life, being bedazzled by the beauty of school fests. This is the season of forging sweet camaraderie in the midst of the clashes of titans, an ensemble of virtuoso and maestros, stunning one and all.
    On this Diamond Jubilee year of the institution, we strive to celebrate the electric air of competition mingled with its wondrous joie de vivre. In a rhapsodic "face-off" of twenty schools in twenty-five events, we play a "Jukebox" to karaoke in its "Beat", to sway to its "Tango", and to marvel at the enigma of our meraki.
    We are magicians here; mosaics-pieces of light, love, glory, stars-glued together with magic, music and words: and this is where the magic within you comes alive. Bosco Fest has the stage waltzing in her own footsteps, speaking in her own gravitas, and nurturing in her own legacy.
    Orchestrating the symphony of perhaps hundreds of potential stars is indeed no less than magic. It is, after all, nothing, but the inherent devotion and sworn sincerity of every single member of the DBPC family that makes this philharmonic titan of an extravaganza possible.
    So get ready to feel the vibes, to dance to our music, hum to our mellifluous strains, and feel the magic unveil its brilliance.

    We welcome you at Bosco Fest 2017

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