- We first started to notice the need for something to help people generate ideas when walking by meeting rooms full of people scratching their heads.
    - We really didn’t have an idea on how to fix that at first so we called a meeting.
    - Everyone sat their scratching their heads until someone took out their phone and started to play angry birds. Then it came to us...
    - Hey , there’s an app for that
    - No, no there’s not…
    - So we were like, hey we can do that.
    - Now we would like to introduce, “BrainDump”. It comes up with ideas so you don’t have to. Don’t know what you should do later, just select what kind of idea you would like to have.
    - People just don’t want to always have great ideas, they come with big responsibly, so the app allows users to select ‘good ideas’. You know for when you just aren’t up for a ‘great idea’.
    - We debated about it for a while, but we eventually agreed to add a ‘bad idea’ button. We don’t think it will be used very often but who are we to take away people’s choice?
    - I selected ‘bad idea’ once, I’m still trying to figure out where that scar came from…
    - We’re just trying to make the world a better place
    - One idea at a time

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