Brazil Live Wallpaper





    Tour through the most beautiful views of Brazil right from your home screen!

    Photos taken in Brazil will slowly scroll from the right to the left while different objects related to the Brazilian culture will fall from the top.

    Clicking on the screen shows an animation related to Brazil.
    Places: Rio De Janeiro, Carnival, Foz do Iguaçu, São Paulo, Salvador, Paraty, Fortaleza, Mount Roraima, Jalapao State Park, Amazon Rain Forest, Gruta Do Lago Azul and more.
    Objects: Christ the Redeemer (statue), Brazilian dancers, havaianas flipflops, acai, soccer ball, capirinha glass, capoeira practitioner and more...

    A smart customizable widget allows jumping from one place to another and constantly shows the name of the place that is currently shown.

    Installing our Live Wallpaper, you will plunge into the summer, lasting all year round, you will see crystal clear waterfalls, gorgeous sea water, mountains and lots of other interesting and fascinating places.

    Amazing Brazil is waiting for you!

    Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: República Federativa do Brasil), is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. As the world's fifth-largest country by both area and population, it is the largest country to have Portuguese as an official language and the only one in the Americas. Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Brazil has a coastline of 7,491 kilometers It borders all other South American countries except Ecuador and Chile and covers 47.3% of the continent's land area. Its Amazon River basin includes a vast tropical forest, home to diverse wildlife, a variety of ecological systems, and extensive natural resources spanning numerous protected habitats. This unique environmental heritage makes Brazil one of 17 megadiverse countries, and is the subject of significant global interest and debate regarding deforestation and environmental protection.

    A 'live wallpaper' is a type of application that works on a mobile device using the Android operating system. The application works as a wallpaper – providing the background image for the home screen—but also works as a conventional application since it can provide user-interaction with the touch screen

    Brazil was inhabited by numerous tribal nations prior to the landing in 1500 of explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral, who claimed the area for the Portuguese Empire. Brazil remained a Portuguese colony until 1808, when the capital of the empire was transferred from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro. In 1815, the colony was elevated to the rank of kingdom upon the formation of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves. Independence was achieved in 1822 with the creation of the Empire of Brazil, a unitary state governed under a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system. The ratification of the first constitution in 1824 led to the formation of a bicameral legislature, now called the National Congress. The country became a presidential republic in 1889 following a military coup d'état. An authoritarian military junta came to power in 1964 and ruled until 1985, after which civilian governance resumed. Brazil's current constitution, formulated in 1988, defines it as a democratic federal republic. The federation is composed of the union of the Federal District, the 26 states, and the 5,570 municipalities.

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