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    Extensive set of high-quality guided meditations for all ages

    • Amazing, mesmerizing voice
    • Inviting sets of guided audio files
    • Many different specialty meditations
    • Simple to use
    • For all ages, including young kids
    • Might not run well on lower-end devices

    "Put your mind at rest"


    So I'll admit I totally laughed at the title of the "OMG. I Can Meditate!" app. I've seen lots and lots of meditation apps, and I didn't expect this one to be special. And yet, here I am, admitting that I was totally wrong - this is a TOP-NOTCH meditation tool, excellent for anyone looking to try out guided meditation totally for free.

    Give meditation a whirl through this app, and in mere days you should see results - you'll be more relaxed overall, and start thinking much more positively. It can't possibly hurt, and this is one of the best apps out there to try it. There are even meditations for kids of all ages here - definitely cool.


    The woman's voice is amazing. I was laughing self-consciously at first, but then something about the way she wraps around the consonants and lets her sentences lift up and fall back down... honestly, I haven't been so relaxed since testing the Andrew Johnson app. The audio quality is through the roof.

    Each guided meditation is legitimately inviting, regardless of whether you're a meditation guru or a total newbie. It manages to make sitting still and being purposeful about your breathing absolutely engaging. There's no insistence that you must "clear your mind" - merely invitations to focus, to come back to being present in the meditative moment. It's a very comfortable, nearly effortless way to make mediation a daily part of your life.

    In addition to the classic options, there are several different kinds of guided meditations available, depending on your context: Sleeping, Morning, or even special cases like Dealing with Anxiety, Pain, or "My Boss Is A Jerk!" (some of these are only available through in-app purchase). Some of the tracks are even accompanied by guided imagery.

    The app couldn't be easier to use. It's got a great, modern design that's completely intuitive. You can turn off the screen of your device and the audio will keep playing.

    There are various lengths of meditation that you can choose depending on how much time you have. None are super long; they're all just enough to get you to relax and let go of plenty of the stress and chaos that can build up in your mind and body over time. There's even a 2 minute stress reliever for when you're really crunched on time.


    It might not run great on lower-end devices since the audio quality is really high. You'll also want to ensure that you're stocked up on battery before engaging in any of these meditations - I can think of little more stressful than being wrenched out of a meditation session by a dead battery!

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    Breethe is the easiest way to meditate. Learn simple mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you bring more happiness, joy, calm and peace of mind into your life.

    Relax, relieve stress and anxiety, reduce insomnia and other sleep disorders, recover from burnout, improve your focus and concentration— in 10 minutes a day!

    This meditation app includes daily meditations for beginners, and a wide variety of other guided meditations to help you deal with specific issues related to health, trouble sleeping, relationships, family, work performance, success, weight loss, etc. It even has a mindfulness program for kids!

    Selected Best New App by Apple in 95 countries, now available on Google Play!

    "Life-changing and so simple even my 7-year-old daughter uses it! Highly Recommended." – InStyle Magazine

    "Super easy guided meditations that even the most spirituality-averse person can get into." – People Magazine

    "There are plenty of meditation apps out there, but this is one of our favorites." – Goop

    "Without a doubt, the best and most comprehensive meditation app available." –

    "A well thought-out app, fun but serious, playful and helpful. ” –

    "Amazing app! Completely changed my life and meditating experience." –

    Whether you just want to feel more peaceful, happy or relaxed, or you’re dealing with stresses like burnout or insomnia, mindfulness can really change your life with a simple 10-minute daily meditation!


    Daily Mindful Meditations with your personal meditation coach
    Learn how to meditate with simple breath-focused meditation techniques, a soothing voice, relaxing meditation music and practical tips on how to breathe in the meditative state to relax and relieve stress.

    Sleep Meditation
    Trouble sleeping? Insomniac? Reduce many sleep disorders including insomnia with special sleeping tracks. Need some help sleeping better? Enjoy relaxing meditation music and guided meditations for deep sleep to help you fall asleep more easily.

    Morning Meditation
    After a restful night, start your day with a calm morning track and simple breathing techniques.

    Special Guided Meditations for whatever you’re dealing with
    Attracting Abundance and Success, Feeling Compassion, Finding Love, Dealing with Anxiety, Stress, Physical Pain, Burnout, Weight Loss… and many more – even “My Boss is a Jerk"! Some tracks use guided imagery.

    On-the-Go Meditations for stress relief, increasing concentration or calming yourself down
    Audio tracks for work and commuting (with your eyes open), the two-minute stress reliever, and many more! These short tracks will help you breathe deeper to calm down and focus on positive thinking.

    Classic tracks
    Loving kindness, body scan, healing, 10-minute, compassion, mindfulness, etc. Everything you need to get you into a calm headspace.

    Life Missions
    Simple and effective mindfulness exercises you can practice to progressively become more mindful and to bring more calm, peace of mind, joy and happiness into your daily life.

    Anytime, Anywhere!
    Use the app on your phone, tablet or computer. Your progress syncs automatically across all devices. Meditating has never been easier!

    Great practical tools
    Save your favorites, set up reminders, adjust meditation music volume levels!

    Try it for free. Forever!
    Yes – it’s free! This app has free meditations you can use forever. And you don't even have to sign up, so go ahead and download the app!

    Check out for info on the health benefits of mindfulness such as reducing anxiety, chronic insomnia & burnout . You’ll also find relaxation techniques and tips on how to meditate, as well as guided meditations and meditation music samples.
    Rack up some good karma & press G+1! :)

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