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    Published: 2018-01-10, by .

    Time to talk!

    • Simple communication app.
    • Welt build, no cost, no extra charges, intuitive.
    • Ideal for places with poor mobile signal.
    • Do you need another comm app?

    "A full-featured small chat app for everyone"

    The very best thing about Buddy Plans is that it's a humble chat app. Seriously: not small or irrelevant, just humble. For an app which is able to send and receive messages, photos, and multimedia files, trust me, that's a blessing. You don't even need make a new account: just authenticate with any Facebook or Google account, and that's it.

    Buddy Plans has been designed to work in any kind of network connection (even 2G), so is perfect for those places with poor or intermittent mobile network signal. If mobile signal went totally off, Buddy Plans got you covered: it guarantees you will receive your messages as soon as you get back online.

    Groups are easy to create and manage as well: you can share everything (pics, locations, etc.) with your friends, but you can also send any kind of reminder. That's a useful feature when you need to make some plans.

    Why do you need another comm app? Well, that's the only drawback I can think of. But if you need an alternative for your main chat app, Buddy Plans will not let you down.

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    by juampi

    Jan 10, 2018


    Buddy Plans is a free messenger app to connect with your friends even in the slowest network connections. It is designed to send and receive messages in all types of connections (4G,3G,2G,Wifi). Simple to use and provides loads of features as listed below:

    NO COST: You can send any number of messages and use all the features in the app at free of cost. No charges will be levied whatsoever.

    AUTHENTICATION: Anyone can use Buddy Plans app with either Google or Facebook account as the app uses their authentication. Users are requested to create an account in order to use the app.

    1:1 SHARING: User can search for their buddies in the app and include them as friends. On becoming friends they can start one to one conversation. This private chat can only be with friends. User will get notifications when not using the app. If a green circle appears just near friend's image in the title bar, then the friend is online. Else the friend is offline.

    GROUP SHARING: User can form a group with his/her buddies and share messages in the group for everyone to enjoy group fun. Only friends can be included inside a group. Inside group chat user can switch to private chat by clicking on another user. User will get notifications when not using the app.

    MULTIMEDIA: User can send photos and locations apart from text messages with their buddies.

    CLOUD MESSAGING: User when not connected to internet will still receive messages but just doesn't show up in the app. All messages will be stored in the cloud while app will be updated with new messages once internet connection resumes.

    SEND REMINDERS: User can send reminders in both private chat and group chat. Title and time of reminder is required to send a reminder. This feature is available only for favorite chats. The intended friend will receive a reminder notification with 'Save Reminder' option to save it in the calendar. In case of group chat the reminder will be sent to every member of the group.

    VIEW PROFILES: User can view his/her profile and make changes to profile picture. Profile consists of user image, email id and Facebook page link if the user logged in using a Facebook account. User can also view his/her friend's profile through private chat.

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