This fat burning app consists of a specific workout at home that alternates exercises for high intensity abdomen and muscle exercises. A training for women and men designed to burn abdominal fat in the shortest possible time.

    With this app you will have your perfect abs. Contains videos of abdominal exercises of 8 and 10 minutes, videos of high quality to get a flat stomach in few weeks.

    Abdominal exercise is simple to practice and you can do it at home or in the gym. Follow the videos and you will get the best abs in a short time and every day that passes will cost you less effort.

    To get a flat abdomen it is necessary to tone the muscles and, at the same time, remove excess fat in the belly and waist. Many research now indicates that a program of specific exercises for the abdomen, in addition to toning the muscles helps to burn localized fat more quickly.

    Benefits of this fat burning app:

    - We have collected the best exercises for you with them you can build a great silhouette.
    - These exercises help to lose weight.
    - Training your ABS at home with our exercises and you will see a change after some lessons.
    - Perfect for girls who want to make a beautiful figure.
    - Make your body strong and healthy using this workout.


    - This application helps you burn fat, get abs and maintain your abdominal.
    - The app contains abs exercises that everyone can do.
    - Complete daily abdominal training with trunk.
    - It's totally free and simple exercises
    - Abs Exercises
    - Animation showing how to do each exercise

    This app is suitable for men and women who want to get rid of fat in a healthy way. And it's totally free.

    If you want a flat abdomen and a beautiful silhouette and you liked this fat burn application, rate us with 5 stars so that we can continue improving and maintaining the application so that you receive a better service every day! Thank you!

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