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    - Dieters are most successful when they eat foods they enjoy in portions that do not turn off weight loss.
    - What the other apps and the gym have been telling you is all wrong. Exercise is not the key to weight loss.
    - Your body can only use the right amount of food at each meal. Eat too much and you begin storing fat.
    -Burrn uses powerful neural priming techniques to rewire the brain and your cravings for food resulting in greater will power right from the start.
    -Seeing actual weight loss during the day and before meals dramatically reduces food urges. Your brain gets it!
    -Burrn is easy to use and retrains your brain and your lifestyle, resulting in more permanent weight loss.

    Getting started is very easy. Just tell us about yourself. Add your sex, height, weight and we take care of the rest. Enter your calories at each meal and make sure you stay in the "green". Burrn will tell you exactly how many of ounces you've lost and the amount you should eat. Don't eat more than displayed or you will be in the "red" and begin storing fat.

    Add your exercise calories and see how it affects your Burrn rate.

    Want to see how many pounds you can lose in a week or a month, just swipe to the left to see how you are currently trending.

    Have a favorite meal or exercise. Add them into the app for easy input the next time you eat or workout.

    If you want to learn more about how to get the most out of Burrn, just click on the "Info" section to read up on the latest information on our app and program.

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