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    Business Management - Increase Managerial Skills

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    Free application for learning something new about business ethics and to increase managerial skills in business planning, leadership and staffing. Find interesting article, read news, chat with people of same interest or just test your knowledge with managerial quiz. Now you can learn more about business planning, strategic management, economy in general or microeconomics. Learn the importance of outsourcing and consultancy. This is must have management application for all managers.

    In any case, business management app aims to help increase your business ability for better understanding mgmt principle with following features and topics:
    Get new knowledge about business management and ethics
    Find news article form the economy and macroeconomics area every day
    Chat with people of the same interest
    Take management quiz and test your knowledge

    With this free application improve your decision making skills, enhance economics knowledge and finally unlock crisis management and management and managers category.

    Everything that interests you about this subject can be read and learn in the following categories:

    1. Introduction to Management
    - What is management?
    - Management as a Skill
    - Management Functions
    - Manager's Role in Enterprise
    - Managers Types
    - Top, Middle and First-Line Managers
    - Approach Based on Skills
    - Management Network
    - Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Management
    - Management in Surroundings

    2. Planning
    - What is planning?
    - What are the levels of planning?
    - Types of Plans
    - What are the steps in planning?
    - Importance of Planning
    - Planning Goals
    - Synergy of Strategic and Operational Planning
    - Synergy of Strategic and Tactical Plan
    - Time of Planning
    - Responsibility for Planning

    3. Organization
    - What is organization?
    - Organizational Structures
    - Types of Organizational Concept
    - Types of Organizations
    - Structural Dimensions
    - Environment Impact on the Choice of Organizational Structure
    - Impact of Technology, Strategy and Enterprise Size to Organizational Structure
    - Reorganization of Organizational Structure
    - Authority in Organizational Structure
    - Organization of Economic Relations between Enterprise Departments

    4. Leadership
    - Leaders and Leadership
    - Contemporary Approaches to Leadership
    - Types of Leaders
    - Concept, Role and Tasks of Leader
    - Key Traits of Leader
    - Leadership Qualities
    - Styles of Leadership
    - Leadership and Power
    - Leadership
    - Methods of Leadership

    5. Control
    - What is control?
    - Which steps take part in control?
    - Types of Control
    - Styles of Control
    - Types of Controls According to Performance Time
    - Control Rules
    - Control in Production
    - Financial Control
    - Information and Control
    - Effectiveness and Efficiency of Control

    6. Human Resource Management
    - Concept, Meaning and Definition
    - Human Resource Planning
    - Recruitment
    - Selection
    - Socialization
    - Training and Perfecting
    - Evaluation of Staff Performance and Compensation Definition
    - Compensation and Benefits
    - Career Advancement

    7. Crisis Management
    - Crisis Management
    - Business Crisis
    - Types of Business Crisis
    - Causes of Business Crisis
    - External Causes of Crisis
    - Internal Causes of Crisis
    - Recognition of Symptoms of Business Fall
    - Instruments of Crisis Management
    - Risk Management
    - Coming Out of Crisis

    8. Management and Managers
    - Concept and Definition of Management
    - Strategic Management
    - Operative Management
    - Management and Ownership
    - Management and Environment
    - Influence of Management on the Natural Environment
    - Concept of Managers
    - Manager's Work
    - Managers Types
    - Characteristics and Skills of Manager

    Download now and be in a step with news from the world of microeconomics, macroeconomic and strategic management.

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