Butterfly Clock Daydream

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    Enjoy 3D animated butterflies while your device is in daydream mode. This is an improved version of the standard Clock Daydream (screensaver). It runs only when your device is set to 'dream' - in dock mode or when charging. This daydream works great on both phones and tablets.

    Custom daydream features include:
    * Set butterfly quantity on screen
    * Set up to 4 custom butterfly colors
    * Set butterfly brightness
    * Set background image
    * Set background image brightness
    * Set color of clock text
    * Set color of clock text
    * Set font style for hours and minutes separately
    * Set text size
    * Set clock text brightness
    * Show day and date
    * Show missed call notification
    * Show unread text message notification
    * Show battery status
    * Set color of notification text
    * Set notification text brightness
    * Enable shadow on clock and/or notification text
    * Toggle between clock and butterfly 3D graphics, clock only, or butterfly 3D graphics only
    * Automatically changes orientation in either portrait or landscape

    To enable, go to Settings->Display->Daydream and select Color Clock.

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