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    To build your feed, simply search for the writer you like using the search bar and tap the “+” button next to the writer’s image. His or her articles will immediately start streaming to your feed, no matter where they were published.

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    Our lists of suggested writers feature the most recent article by each suggested writer, so you can use them as special interest magazines. Tap on Fashion & Style to get the latest stories by top fashion writers, or on Politics to see what the best political journalists have to say at the moment.

    With ByWriter you’ll never miss out on what’s popular or trending. We find the most read and shared articles of the moment by writers featured in our system, and deliver them to you. Simply tap on Most Popular to see them all. If while scanning the list you come across a writer you think you might like, you can instantly learn about him, see his previous articles, and add him to the writers you track.

    You can share and recommend any article, as well as save it for later reading. It will be available to you on whatever desktop or smartphone you use.

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