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    Call Alert will chime every several minutes as soon as you miss a phone call, voice mail message or SMS message. If you are out of range of a cell tower or off-line, Call Alert will start chiming as soon as you get back in range and the voice mail notification arrives.

    Call Alert also knows when you are in a car and will speak your SMS messages out loud as they arrive. Great for keeping your eyes on the road.

    Tired of telemarketers? Call Alert will alert you if the call is from a known spammer. You can then block any further calls from that number. There is no limit to the number of blocked numbers you can have. (Note, Call Alert doesn't actually prevent unwanted calls coming to the phone. It detects that the call is from a blocked number and then silences the ringer. The call will still show up on your call list in case you really want to do something with it.)

    You can control the volume level and frequency of the alerts. You can also select the alert sound and vibration.

    Call Alert is a widget. So you must use the widget installation procedure for your phone to add this widget to a home page. Call Alert will not be enabled unless its widget is placed on at least one home page. Removing the widget will disable the app. There is also an SMS widget that can be used to track the number of unread SMS messages.

    To use Call Alert, place the Call Alert widget on a home page. Then click on the Call Alert widget icon. You will be prompted to allow Call Alert to view notifications. This lets the app detect when a new voice mail arrives. Next you should go to the "Configure Voicemail Alert" menu option to identify the voicemail app used by your phone. Follow the instructions shown o that page on how to configure this. Finally, you can also configure the alert tone, the volume of the alert and its frequency.

    As with all apps from Newbury Graphics, Call Alert is free and contains no ads. However, Call Alert does use the internet to check if phone calls are from known spammers.

    Call Alert does ask for the Read Contacts permission so it can match the caller's name with the missed call. It uses the Read Call Log and Read Phone State permissions to determine when a call is missed and what the missed number was. It also asks for Phone Calls permission so it can make it easy to return a missed call. Call Alert uses the Read SMS permission to detect incoming messages and to read them out loud if desired.

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