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    Call Locker - Incoming/Outgoing call Lock

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    “Call Locker” blocks others from picking up or making a call out from your phone.
    Jut by setting a pattern or registering fingerprint, you can secure your phone from incoming calls and outgoing calls.

    Call Locker
    Were there times you were worried about someone picking up my phones or using my phones while you lend your cell phone or left for awhile?

    No more worries now when it is away from your hands!

    “Call Locker” can prevent from calling or receiving your calls without your permit.

    It is the safest, lightest, and fastest application.

    the reason why Call Locker is good
    1. Using the registered fingerprint on the device, you can securely and fastly unlock.
    2. receiver lock, calling lock can be chosed seperately as an optional function!
    3. It is very fast and has very small capacity due to elimination of unecessary function
    4. Very simple to set up and use!

    function#1 incoming call locks
    Using the simple lock function, you can receive the important private calls only yourself.
    Secure the incoming calls and pattern using your fingerprint.
    (* fingerprint lock function can be only used in the Android device above 6.0 with finger scan sensor installed in.)

    function #2 callling locks
    Prevents children or babies from pressing your phone keys randomly to make unintentional calls.

    How to use the App
    1. Run the App.
    2. Click on the check “I agree” for rendering the App the right to lock your incoming call locks and outgoing call locks.
    3. Register the pattern that will be used for your screen lock. If your fingerprint is already registered, then there is no need for setting extra.
    4. All the setting has finished.
    5. Use your pattern or fingerprint that you have set on the screen lock to unlock or pickup the call.

    Now, all your calls would be protected and secured by “Call Locker”.

    Do you have any feedback? Please send an email to

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