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    This is a schedule based:

    - incoming phone call blocker
    - outgoing phone call blocker
    - incoming SMS (text messages) blocker
    - data connections blocker (will block internet access)
    - WIFI blocker (will block internet access)

    The perfect phone call, SMS (text messages) and internet access blocker, you can protect everything using a password if you set it up on your kid's phone. The typical use case scenario is to use it for your kids, in turning off phone calls, SMS, internet access while doing their homework. Using a schedule you will no longer have to chase them for giving the phone back, they can keep it they just will not be able to do anything during the schedules you will have set up but using basic features as time and alarm. Of course you can set up a password so that they cannot "tweak" your schedules.
    But it could be for you as well, you could decide that you want to block phone calls or block SMS during the night or at any time of your choice.
    Blocking phone calls, blocking SMS, blocking data; blocking Wifi have never been so easy.
    Can be used as a first basic parental control system as well.

    In a nutshell what Call SMS blocker can do:

    - Call SMS blocker is a perfect call blocker
    - Call SMS blocker is a perfect SMS blocker
    - Call SMS blocker is a perfect data blocker
    - Call SMS blocker is a perfect WIFI blocker
    - Call SMS blocker enables you to schedule when you want to block
    - Call SMS blocker protect evrything via a password (if you want to)

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