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    If you are interested with the beautiful Korean calligraphy, you come to the right place :)

    I know that you are struggling so much time to find Korean calligraphy images.
    Now with this app, you can find the Korean calligraphy images very easily.

    Here comes "you can" in the sense of functions.

    You can search some Korean characters. - It's little bit uncomfortable that you need to type in Korean for that :(
    You can just enjoy beautiful Korean characters.

    You can magnify the images.

    You can mark some images as favorite so that you can visit them easily when you want.

    You can prevent the device from screen-off with one button when you practice calligraphy.

    With this app, you can master the Korean calligraphy.
    Enjoy!! :)

    This app's images are donated ones.
    So if you want to join donation for your beautiful master pieces, send them to my email.
    You can send email via one of the app main page's menu button.
    If the characters are beautiful I will post it even though it is not Korean. :) Thanks!!

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