CallImportance - The smarter solution to custom ringtones!

    Rather than assigning custom ringtones to different contacts, let your phone alert you based on how important the incoming call actually is: If your girlfriend just wants to chat, your phone won’t ring, but if she calls to say “Our house is ON FIRE!!!”, you probably want your phone to ring, even if you’re in a meeting.

    With CallImportance, assigning ringtones to your special contacts is a thing of the past. Rather, your contacts decide whether their call is important or not – they should know best, since they’re the ones calling! When you make a new call to someone, the app will ask you to choose one of three importance levels – high, default, or low. If you choose high, the recipient’s phone will ring their ears off; if you select default, it will simply use their usual ringer profile, and “low” will keep the recipient’s phone completely silent. The same goes for when someone is calling you using the app.

    Three buttons is all it takes
    When you make a call to someone who also has the app installed, you’re prompted to select one of three importance-levels: Low, Default, and High. The recipient’s phone will ring accordingly. The app automatically selects the “default” importance after four seconds, so it won’t get in your way if you don’t feel like using it.

    * I don't want my phone to ring on high importance calls!
    You can fully customize what happens when a low/high-importance call comes in. Want it to vibrate, but not ring? Want to assign a special ringtone to “high”-importance calls? Gotcha! You can adjust the ringer profiles for low/high-importance calls from the main settings menu.
    * Is this really free?
    The app is completely free to download and use. You can check out all features for a whooping 7 days. After that, the app will continue react to the importance level of incoming calls, but you’ll have to pony up $0.99 if you want it to continue to let you choose how important your own calls are.
    * I only want my family to be able to use this when calling me. Can I do this?
    Sure! The app includes a "whitelist" for both incoming and outgoing calls. This means that you can select who should be able to call you using the app, and if the app should ask you to select an importance level when calling someone.

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