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    This app is relevant only to enterprises using the CapaInstaller solution from CapaSystems A/S. Please do not download and rate this app if you do not use CapaInstaller, as it is not intended for regular consumers.

    If you were forwarded to this app from CapaInstaller download page then please proceed, otherwise you should NOT download this app as it will be of no use to you.

    How to install and enroll:
    • Tap "Install"
    • Accept "App permissions", the program is now downloaded and installed
    • Open the "CapaInstaller Agent"

    The App will show you a list of four items in which the first two are already checked.
    • Tap the highlighted item 3. "Enable the CapaInstaller device administrator"
    • Tap "Activate" in the device administrator pop-up window
    • Tap the highlighted item 4. "All set! Tap to continue"

    The device will now be registered and remotely manageable in the CapaInstaller solution.

    Managing Profiles

    The app will show the installed configuration profiles when opened.

    The first profile, named the "Enterprise Profile", is the profile for allowing remote connection to the CapaInstaller solution. If the Profile is removed, the device will no longer be remotely managed by CapaInstaller.

    Each of the remotely applied profiles contains some settings which can be viewed by selecting the desired profile.

    The end-user can remove individual profiles by selecting a profile and tapping "Remove Profile". Please note that some profiles may be protected by a removal code and can only be removed if the end-user knows the right code.

    If the end-user has manually removed a setting applied by one of the installed profiles, it can be re-applied by opening the CapaInstaller app, select the desired profile and tap "Apply Profile". The profile is then re-applied to the device.

    Removing remote connection to CapaInstaller solution

    If the device no longer needs to be part of the CapaInstaller solution, it can easily be removed by the user:
    • Open the CapaInstaller App
    • Tap the "Enterprise Profile"
    • Tap "Remove Profile", the device is now no longer managed by the CapaInstaller solution
    • The user may now uninstall the CapaInstaller App

    This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

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