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    Car Journal helps you manage your car, motorbike or any other vehicle, and it's completely free!

    Keep track of all the fill-ups and expenses of your vehicle, then obtain precise and easy-to-read statistics.

    Store right in your smartphone all your vehicle informations: number plate, insurance number, tires pressure and much more... You never know when they can be useful!

    Keep track of all the expenses related to your vehicle, soon you will also be able to set reminders and receive customized notification to help you in your vehicle maintenance.

    Please let me know if you have any feedback or would like to suggest new functionalities. This app is currently under development!

    *** Functionalities ***

    • Multi-vehichle management. Add all the vehicles you want!

    • Many fuel types supported: gasoline, diesel, methane, LPG, biofuel and even electricity!

    • Store and view all your vehicle info.

    • Keep track of all the fill-ups.

    • Automatic statistic calculation, with wonderful charts!

    • Multi-fuel and hybrid vehicles support.

    • Keep track of all the expenses.

    • Quick fill-up add widget.

    *** Coming soon ***

    • Services management

    • Recurrent expense notifications

    *** Permissions Explained ***

    • Storage: to save and load your vehicle pictures and to import/export data.

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