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    "If there is anything I can do, please call."
    And nothing happens because you don't want to ask.

    Want to get a little extra help with specific tasks but don't want to ask or bother someone?
    Want to keep track of your medications, blood pressure, blood glucose, diet, and weight all in one place?

    Remember the close-knit neighborhood you grew up with down the street from several relatives, and you knew everyone from blocks around? Neighbors would drop in constantly to help if you or the family had a problem? Well we physically don't live in those neighborhoods anymore, but Caregiving App re-creates this community with modern technology.

    Caregiving App is a new application that sets up and runs a family and community care networks like a personal secretary for patients, caregivers, and healthcare agencies. It features interactive calendars, journal, messaging, shopping lists, medication reminder, and will track blood pressure, blood glucose, diet, and weight.

    It is available in Spanish and English,ios, android and web based. The patients can also be monitored by through the app by medical supervisors from participating hospitals, home health agencies or insurance companies.

    Invited family and friends become caregivers by downloading the CaregivingApp onto their smart phones or logging onto the webpage on their computers. Everyone in the group can view the master calendar to see what needs to be done and can commit to individual tasks from their own phones or computers by a single click on a shared interactive calendar. App is a big help lifting the burden of care for families at home, and there is a lot of literature indicating that discharged patients with well organized family and community support networks have lower hospital readmission rates.

    A Care Recipient may appoint a personal Administrator, or have a group Supervisor associated with a hospital or nursing service if available. The App creates a network of voluntary Caregivers, notifying them of the Recipient's needs and scheduling information for meals, transportation, child care, shopping, etc., and notifying the Recipient that these needs will be met, and by whom. The heart of the scheduling is an interactive calendar seen by both the Recipient and the Caregiver.

    A separate food tree is organized for meals volunteered by Caregivers if not already requested by the Recipient.

    The App features a journal and internal messaging system between Recipient and Caregivers. Medication schedule (with check-off function), blood pressure, weight, blood sugar logs, and dietary history are viewable by the Recipient, Administrator, Supervisor but not by Caregivers.
    In brief, the App functions as follows: the Care Recipient receives the Recipient version of the App gratis. After registering, the application sends e-mail invitations to designated friends and family members to become members of a care giving network. The patient then fills out scheduling needs in the calendar. The friends who accept the invitation will download the Caregiver version of the App, also free. They then have access to the Recipient's care calendar, where they can commit to various tasks or volunteer for a food tree. Caregivers can also view the Care Recipient's journal and messaging system.

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