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    Convert your spare smartphone into a home security cctv camera for free
    This home security app offers you a smart solution to secure your home and loved ones using just a spare mobile. It is easy to setup, secured, versatile, state of the art and free for lifetime.
    Internal sensors of a smartphone are used to convert the mobile into a powerful smart home security CCTV camera.
    Install this smart home security app on a spare Android phone. Use our web interface on any PC or another mobile to remotely view video from the security device. Odineye is the safest home security solution with state of the art features and its FREE to use for lifetime

    ⦁ Smart Motion detection and Alarm
    ⦁ Ad-Free - Even for free users
    ⦁ Advanced smartphone surveillance DVR
    ⦁ Active home security even without internet connectivity
    ⦁ Security scheduler, Set security activation time frame. The security solution will daily activate and deactivate as per the set time period.
    ⦁ Preventive Home security features like motion detection, Mobile DVR, Cloud Recording
    ⦁ Free lifetime features : Real time HD surveillance, PC based control, Remote flash control, 2-way audio and support for unlimited security devices
    ⦁ Lower battery consumption and auto restart of surveillance device for continuous safety

    Setup multiple smartphones as home security devices under a single account and create a state of the art security perimeter to safeguard your assets. The app also offers real time CCTV video surveillance to stay connected to your loved ones. More features

    Single app for complete security
    A single app allows you to setup your phone as a home security device or as a viewer

    Mobile DVR
    A unique feature is its inbuilt mobile DVR (Digital video recording) unit. The app allows users to continuously record all activity on the surveillance device similar to a DVR used in CCTV setup. The smart storage management automatically adjusts its storage pattern so you always have the latest data available.

    Remote Control (Viewer)
    Control all your Odineye powered mobile home security CCTV cameras from a single screen. You can enable or disable the remote security devices from the easy to use viewer panel.

    Secured and Encrypted
    Direct data communication between security devices without any third party streaming servers completely removes any eavesdropping risks. The uniquely transmitted data is encrypted using a protocol that offers full encryption with asymmetric cryptography methods, data confidentiality, and message authentication. Cloud data is securely saved to your personal google drive and has no third party access.

    Advanced Computer Vision
    The smart home security and surveillance app has integrated advanced computer vision technology allowing it to confidently distinguish between potential threat and false positives.

    Other Unique Features
    Siren on motion detection with AUX support for high decibel audio
    Cloud Recording
    Flash control
    Low Light Vision Enhancer
    2-way audio communication
    Remote device control
    Password protected access to security device viewer and File manager

    Use Cases
    ⦁ Home security and surveillance. Use multiple mobiles and place them at different locations to create a secured perimeter
    ⦁ Use it as a nanny cam
    ⦁ Use it as a pet cam
    ⦁ Keep track of patients or aged family members
    ⦁ The mobile set as home security device can be connected to a loudspeaker for a loud siren

    *Known Potential Issues*
    We have tried to make the app as user friendly and versatile as possible. But a few issues which we have noticed and are unable to resolve currently due to lack of Google API standardization are as follows
    Recently launched mobiles with dual rear cameras may not work as security devices because android does not have a standard camera API for such devices. But you can confidently use them as a "VIEWER" to view, control and communicate with other security devices without any problem

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