Census App




    ***Note this app requires a back-end software as service - more details at***

    Municipal Census and Survey App allows municipalities and organizations to complete a census or similar survey in a more reliable, secure, and efficient manner than using traditional tools and methods. The App provides municipalities with the ability to coordinate the complete census or survey workflow from managing sites to survey through to dispatch and even real-time reporting on progress. It simplifies the task for field personnel by showing a GPS enabled map and supporting list view to help locate sites to survey. The App's simplified web form makes it easy to collect data, and its online / offline sync functionality ensures workflow keeps running smoothly.

    Municipal Census and Survey App - Making it Easy for Municipalities
    • Reduced paper use and personnel expenses
    • Eliminate manual forms, data entry, and data errors
    • Works with or without a data connection (occasional WiFi is sufficient)
    • Data is stored and transferred using AES-256 encryption keeping it secure
    • Increases census worker efficiency
    • Maintains citizen privacy