Chacha-Casha, the Chameleon

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    Chacha-Casha, a little chameleon with great courage! – Neues Deutschland

    Children can learn here that caution can sometimes be very useful. From Arbeitsgemeinschaft Jugendliteratur und Medien der GEW “Highly recommended“

    Perfect for reading aloud to children of 3 years and over, later also ideal as a first reading book.
    Attractive games and animation on each page, child-friendly navigation and especially intricate and imaginative sound-design which illustrates the action.

    Chacha-Casha is scared and always makes sure that nobody can see him. This is why the other chameleons call him a coward. But when his friends are in danger, Chacha-Casha uses his talent and becomes the hero of the garden. This story about the friendship between the shy little chameleon and a little boy is didactically well-thought out to introduce children to learning about languages and recognizing their own strengths.

    • Title song
    • Animated picture book to be read aloud, to read yourself or to listen to: running time approx. 20 min.
    • Read aloud function and text version with word highlighting.
    • Rich musical illustration
    • Intricate and atmospheric sound design
    • Numerous games: puzzles, cracker puzzles, mix the colours, catch the beetles, “find the chameleons” search pictures, join the dots, Search image pairs.

    Author: Dorothea Flechsig
    Speakers: Luise Helm (German), Dela Gakpo (English), Natascha Kespy (French)
    Illustrations: Alaa El-Bundegji
    Music: Christian Stader / samplepark
    Sound design – Christoph Oertel
    Songtext: Dorothea Flechsig
    Vocals: J. Friedrich (German/ English)/ S. Back (French)
    Sound: Carsten T. Brüse
    DOROTHEA FLECHSIG worked as a journalist for many years. She actually wanted to be an animal scientist. Meanwhile she publishes stories for children in which animals and nature take the central role. She trained as a scriptwriter and teaches creative writing to adults and children. These days she explores animals large and small in her free time. She came across little Chacha-Casha on one of her journeys.

    ALAA EL-BUNDEGJI was born in Jordan, a hot country where many chameleons crouch in the trees. Her love of animals, painting and imaginative creatures has been with her since childhood. First of all she studied veterinary medicine and then communication design and finally, because she would rather wield a paintbrush than a scalpel, she draws and creates things to bring a smile to people’s faces.

    © 2014 Glückschuh Verlag/ Meelogic Consulting AG
    All rights reserved
    Text: Dorothea Flechsig
    English translation by Louise Bulloch
    French translation by Krystelle Jambon
    Illustrations by Alaa El-Bundegji
    Book: ISBN 978-3-943030-09-9
    CD: ISBN 978-3-943030-02-0