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    Charge Messenger is a free cross-platform messaging app that allows you to send and receive messages with anyone who has a phone number. Charge lets you use your own mobile phone number rather than a user name or new number, so you can effortlessly communicate with friends, family and contacts on iOS, Android or your computer’s web browser.

    Charge sends all messages via a WiFi connection or your device’s data plan (carrier data charges will likely apply) with no additional charges or fees. As long as you’re connected to the internet, Charge will deliver your messages for free.

    Charge Messenger brings you free international messaging at lightning speeds. With our streamlined design and unique features you can bring your conversations to life by sharing photos, videos and even gifs, from anywhere in the world. Just sign in with a phone number, and you’re ready to start messaging.

    Why Charge Messenger:

    MULTI-DEVICE: Use more than just your phone? Put Charge Messenger on your tablet, laptop and desktop and always stay connected to your contacts and conversations. Charge Messenger works on the most popular platforms, so don’t worry about asking your friends to switch. And you can use Charge on all your devices at once!

    EASY GROUP MESSAGING: Charge is a seamless cross-platform messenger that makes group chats run smoothly. It doesn’t matter which operating system your friends and family are on, keep your conversations and messages all in one thread.

    +GIF BUTTON: With Charge Messenger we’ve made gif sharing way more fun! Emojis are great, but with our unique +gif button you can inject a random gif that encapsulates your emotion instead. We think of it like gif roulette - a game of endless entertainment! ;)

    PHOTO/VIDEO SHARING: Take a photo or shoot a video within the app or choose media from your library to share. There are no additional charges for photo or video messages.

    LOCATION SHARING: Easily drop your location into a message to take your conversation from onscreen to in-person.

    CHAT ON THE WEB: Forgot your mobile device at home? No problem, use Charge Messenger from your computer’s web browser to send and receive all your messages the same way you would on your phone or tablet.

    CONTACTS: Use your mobile device’s existing address book. Charge Messenger can import your contacts, ensuring you can message with anyone regardless which device you use or where your contacts come from.

    USE YOUR PHONE NUMBER: Message your friends and family from your own phone number. Avoid the confusion of contacting people from a username or in-app number by using the number they already have for you. With Charge Messenger there’s no need for a username. Send messages from your current phone number so everyone knows who messages are coming from.

    OFFLINE MESSAGES: With Charge Messenger you never miss a message. Whether you are offline or logged out, Charge Messenger saves your messages in the cloud. As soon as you return to the app your messages will be there waiting.

    SNOOZE CONVERSATIONS: Easy group messaging = amazing group threads. But sometimes you are busy and need to put your group chat to rest for a while. With Charge Messenger you can simply snooze conversations and return to them when you have time.

    READ RECEIPTS: See when other people have read your messages. Don’t want other people to know when you’ve read their messages? No problem. You can turn off read receipts for a specific conversation, or for all your conversations. And turn them back on just as easily.

    Feedback & Support:

    Get help or send feedback directly in Charge Messenger. Just send a message to the Charge contact in your address book and we’ll do our best to respond promptly.

    Can’t log in, or need to contact us outside the app? You can also send us messages via:

    Email: or

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