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    The New Era of Guard Patrol Systems

    The ultimate solution for Guard Patrol Tour needs. Guards should download this mobile app to their phones, and during the tour should scan the QR Code labels or NFC check point tags. The app sends the reads along with position information (GPS, WiFi, GSM cell) to through WiFi/3G/GPRS.
    The guard tours can be displayed to the map of

    There is a two way communication ability between the guard and the control room via voice or text.

    In the app there is also a TEST button and a SOS button. Also the guard can send pictures and sound recording live to the control room.

    Can send the position of the guard regularly.

    Full incident reporting.

    On line scheduling and live alerting (!) for missed, or with wrong execution order check points.

    That's it! Fast, low cost, reliable. The best cloud Guard Patrol Tour solution!
    Use userid demo and password demo to login to the app and to

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