Childhood Trauma Test




    If you see someone acts like very violent or very quiet, it might be something happened in the past of his life especially when he was a kid. Maybe you see yourself in the same shoes. Now you can test yourself to get to know if you have childhood trauma by using this Childhood Trauma Test. This test will serve you with 28 must answered questions. The questions may be strong enough to make you feel sad or angry or even think you don't want to continue, but if you still want to know your level of your childhood trauma you must finish the test and look up for the result. This psychological test is very important to your life or for someone you love. You can use this application to your beloved children, husband, or wife and make you understand why they act like they have problems. If you find the result very high level of trauma, you can consult to your psychiatrist to fix the trauma and get a better life for you or your members of your family.

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