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    ChimpKey Internet Sticker Keyboard's review

    Published: 2017-01-16, by Steven.

    Go bananas with this speedy shortcut for sending GIFs, emojis, memes, and more

    • It's fast
    • Simple and intuitive
    • Saves storage space on your phone
    • Not for everyone

    "Get the monkey off your back!"


    Ever find yourself wasting time searching for the right emoticon, or accessing a meme you know you saved somewhere on your device? Chimpkey Internet Keyboard helps you to throw that monkey off your back and send media quickly and efficiently via instant messaging. First of all, you need to add the keyboard and set it as default (otherwise, it won't work). Just follow the instructions and it will be a matter of seconds before you can actually start using the app.

    Chimpkey brings up an simple search bar when you want to add something to your message, whether it be a GIF, emoji, cartoon, meme, quote, or anime. Just type in a word relating to the content you want to add, and Chimpkey will present you with all the related options without leaving the application. No longer will you have to spend time monkeying around, rifling through your device's storage system to find that GIF you downloaded a couple of weeks ago. Just let the app access the internet library, saving you space your phone in the process.

    Worried that you'll lose the best features from your standard keyboard? There's no need to worry. Chimpkey comes with auto-capitalization and correction, predictive text, caps lock, and character preview.


    The application presents a clean and well-crafted design, in which the steps are clear and intuitive. The menu located at the bottom of the screen makes it a highly usable app, as you can easily access the installation process, purchase options, the keyboard settings (predictive, vibration, preview, and so on). Ultimately, this is well-crafted keyboard that works smoothly and will save you a fair bit of time.


    We'd suggest a package of free searches for every section, as people definitely like to try out each category before actually purchasing.

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    by Steven

    Jan 16, 2017


    Texting has evolved. Finding and sending media via text takes time and space. Who has either? Search for and send a GIF, a video, an emoji and more straight from your keyboard faster than you can say, “Monkey see. Monkey do.”

    Life moves fast. Your messenger should too. From photo to art to stickers, search for and send:
    •Stickers —Send our Chimp Stickers
    •GIFs —Add animation
    •Emojis—Say it with emotion
    •Cartoons —Illustrate your message
    •Memes —Boost the humor
    •Quotes —Save time sharing advice
    •Anime —Amp up the style in your chat

    Simplicity is key. It’s easy. Just type, search and send.

    Why ChimpKey:
    •Don’t waste time hunting for and cataloguing your media. We’ve done it for you. It’s always available straight from your keypad.
    •Don’t waste memory storing rich graphic files. Instead, access them only when you need.
    •Don’t waste an opportunity to share exactly what you mean.

    Flexibility is key. Begin with our free starter plan. Then, purchase a set number of searches or a media collection as you need.

    Available with all standard keyboard functionality:
    •Predictive text
    •Caps lock
    •Character preview

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