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    Chinese Character List 10k

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    ★★★★★ Ads supported version. Click on Remove Ads to support our development with in-app purchase. Thanks. ★★★★★

    Learn 10,000 most frequently used Chinese characters in order. With English translation and clear spoken Chinese, it is an ideal application for Chinese learners aiming to cover 99.99% characters in use. This app is optimized for iPad for full screen reading. It is currently available for free with non-intrusive ads at the bottom to support our development.

    Each Chinese word is provided with an English translation, native speaker recording and writing in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

    This application has the following features:

    ★ 10,000 Chinese characters sorted by frequency of usage.
    ★ User friendly interface to browse characters in full screen
    ★ Click on the pinyin to have the Chinese word pronounced to you accurately
    ★ Beautiful page turning effect is building one of the leading app suite for learning Chinese as a foreign language. Don't forget to check out our Pinyin Chart, Vocab List, HSK Vocab List and PROnounce apps.

    Please understand that this is an ongoing development. If you have found any issues or bugs, please let us know by email, We will solve them with free updates.

    COMING SOON: Our team is already working on new features including Pinyin Sound Set purchase, Chinese Tutor platform and Learners Exchange. Stay tuned for the free update and feel free to contact us for any feedback so we can improve the app for you.

    Our Production Team
    Development: Jessica Wang
    Graphic Design: Zoe Zheng
    Administrative Support: Sai Wu
    Producer: Terence Lau

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