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    Do you travel by train in Poland?
    Our application solves the problem of lack of information during train travels. How many times have you had to
    stay in the corridor just to look out for the train station? How often have you got dressed too early thinking
    that this particular train will be on time? With our application you don't have to worry about it any more!

    Simple exploitation of GPS module - present in almost every modern Android device - allows to fix one's current
    position and warn him in time that he's approaching his destination.

    Our app is simple to use. After starting, it shows a screen which allows user to choose his destination(one of many
    train stations present in a drop-down list). After accepting his choice user is asked to specify when he wants to be
    warned about moving closer to the end of his trip. Confirming all of that causes appearance of the screen which
    gives the user information about how far he is from his destination and approximately how long it will take to get there.
    On the end of user's journey our application will gently warn him about approaching the desired train station with vibrations and special sound.

    What is special about our product - in spite of the main idea - is that it doesn't require Internet connection or
    even a SIM card. It has it's own polish train stations' database which allows the user to use our application without
    paying for it. Worried about your battery level? Just minimalize the application and it will minimalize GPS updates still
    guaranteeing warning you in time!

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