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    Practice chord changes, work on your rhythm, tighten up your timing, improvise over chord progressions, create new songs, experiment with chord voicings, discover a new strumming pattern.

    Chord Progression Studio allows you to do all this and more with an exclusive rhythm guitar studio designed to help you practice, create, and experiment.

    Features Include:

    **NEW** Share your chord progressions with the community and download chord progressions shared by other Chord Progression Studio musicians!
    ** Chord progression creation tool with over 65 chords to choose from - or create your own custom chords to use. Save your chord progressions. Also included are over a dozen built-in songs or progressions.
    ** Share your chord progressions with the community and download progressions from other Chord Progression Studio musicians.
    ** Chord editor allows you to create custom chords and use them in your progressions.
    ** Play controls allow you to play a chord progression at any speed (30-180 bpm) with optional metronome and/or drum track. Other play options allow you to change the beats per measure (2-8), whether or not to loop the progression, and total measures to loop.
    ** Visual cues while playing give you information about the current chord and the next chord to play and the current beat and measure.
    ** Strumming pattern editor allows you to fully control the rhythm of the progression. Save your strumming patterns. Many built-in strumming patterns are also included.
    ** Drum track editor allows you to edit the drum track to your liking. Save your drum tracks. Also included are numerous built-in drum tracks.
    ** Quick tips guide you through the studio and introduce you to the many features of Chord Progression Studio.
    **NEW** Choose the background image and set the opacity. More background images can be unlocked by completing certain tasks.

    So what are you waiting for? Install Chord Progression Studio, grab your guitar, and get your groove on!

    NOTE: The free version includes the full Chord Progression Studio with the following exceptions.

    Free version restrictions:

    ** Only one custom chord progression may be saved. No custom chords, strumming patterns, or drum tracks may be saved.
    ** Only one chord progression may be downloaded from the community per day.
    ** An ad for Fret Master, another guitar app developed by carljohnfred Productions, will display upon exiting app

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