Cigarette Battery




    Cigarette Battery widget on your smartphone desktop. Do you like smoking? Do you want to give up smoking !?! If so then this app & widget is for you !!!

    Choice one of three type of cool widgets and use it !!!!

    How to INSTALL:
    Hold finger on home screen > choose widgets > find 'Battery Widget' on the list > place beautifully designed cigarette widget on your phone desktop

    How to USE IT:
    - cigar / cigarette widget showing you percentage charging of battery,
    - when you click of widget, there are extra options available on click of the widget:
    - click right part of widget and you can check: battery parameters (health, technology, temperature, etc); select widget type - cigarette, cigar and more;
    - click filter (left part of widget) and you can smoking your e-cigarette by touching the screen; try to hold you finger longer on the screen and you will see what's happend :)

    No need to smoke real cigarette, when there is virtual e-cigarette one on the phone !!!
    When you want puff real cigarette, use this widget - it's healthier and helps you give up smoking !!!

    You can use this app anytime, instead of real cigarettes :)

    Have a fun and good luck !!!

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