Citizen's Patrol Pro

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    Be Safe
    You can have emergency anytime, when you are at home or away from home,
    When you are near your dear ones or when you are away from them.

    Citizen’s Patrol ensures that where ever you are, you are always connected to your near and dear ones.
    In case of any kind of emergency when you need help, you can always depend upon Citizen’s Patrol and send a help request at a press of button.

    Citizen’s Patrol works globally and hence you do not need to worry in case you are travelling as you are always covered.

    Imagine a situation, where your car breaks down and you are unable to provide exact location to tow truck driver. Citizen's Patrol comes to your rescue. Both you and the tow truck operator has Citizen's Patrol installed. You can add his number as a friend and send a request as "Friend Only". The tow truck operator receives the request with location details. He accepts the request and google directions are launched and WOW, he has reached exactly to your location without delay :-).

    Other situations can be but are not limited to:
    • Life threatening situations like Medical/Fire/Police emergency,
    • Eve teasing,
    • Uninvited people at home and unaccompanied seniors/kids at home or away from home requiring help and
    • Social gatherings where your friend is lost and unable to reach your party location.
    • Non-Emergency situations like: Want to get tracked while commuting from office to home.

    1. One press of button sends:
    a. SOS SMS with location details to two friends as specified in registration screen.
    b. Internet help message to up to 12 app user citizens nearest to your location with your location details.
    c. Dials emergency service number as specified under options.
    d. Initiates LIVE tracking and sends tracking updates to your registered friends.
    2. Provides google map directions to your location for quick help.
    3. Cancel the request when no longer applicable.
    4. Send help request only to your friends.
    5. Select type of emergency and if you would like to include emergency services in your request.
    6. Test Mode – to test the app.
    7. Provides list/map of citizens to whom the request is sent and their distance from the requester. Requester can choose to reject any helper from the list if he does not want that helper to help him.
    8. Opt-in option to share the phone number for helper to reach him.
    9. Option for helper to accept/reject a request once received. If accepted, launches google maps for directions.
    10. Option to use default country specific emergency number or to modify it as per user’s preference.
    11. Phone/SMS will work only if your device has phone facility.
    12. Group broadcast message via internet to up to 500 users in one go. ** Group broadcast does not initiate help request.
    13. View your current location with address and map and share it with anyone.
    14. TrackMe feature.
    15. Option to cleanly uninstall the app if not satisfied by archiving data from server.
    16. Works globally, do not need to install any other app if relocating or travelling. You can always depend on Citizen's Patrol.
    17. Full version of popular Citizen's Patrol app.

    • Android device JellyBean and above with internet, location services (GPS) and google play services.
    • Does not require a phone capability for its function as long as the android device has internet, google services and location enabled.
    • Needs working SMS/Phone plan for sending SMS to friends or calling helper/requester in case of emergency.

    If your device does not support SIM or working mobile plan then other functionality will still work!!! Only SMS/Phone functionality will not work.

    *** For location error during registration:
    Location needs to be enabled in settings. Please check the “My Location” screen. If your location is visible, then you will be able to register. If the app still gives location error then please restart your device and go out in open for 5 minutes and try again.

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