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    Virus Cleaner, Junks Cleaner, Phone booster, Explorer, Storage Analyser, Wi-Fi Tester All in One.

    A powerful cleaner and optimizer, optimize Android system performance only by one tap.
    Effectively clean junk files, speed up phone, free up space, clean android and boost mobile!

    Security antivirus is also important. How can you stay safe from viruses, spyware, Trojans, malwares, vulnerabilities, adwares, privacy snoopers, extortion and Wi-Fi spy? How to defense from ransomware attack? How to quick heal from threats? How to keep cpu cold, system run smooth when gaming?
    One Cleaner can help you solve all the above problems. it's honestable and economisire antivirus, 100% free.

    Security & Antivirus
    We add antivirus feature in the version v1.6. Virus Cleaner clean all viruses. Protect Private, Protect Photos, Protect Bank Information, Protect Account. Keep your android safe and secure, This is antivirus master.

    Features of One Cleaner
    Phone Cleaner - Save Storage Space
    1. Cache Clean
    Cache are temporary files created by applications. For example, when browser visit a web page, browser save the images as cache. One Cleaner can clean caches safely, free up your phone space and speed up your phone.

    2. Residual Files Clean
    Some chatting tools like Facebook Messager, WhatsApp..., it's history records a lot of useless files, but you will not be aware, all of them may slow down your phone speed. One Cleaner can find junks out and clean all junks.

    3. Obsolete Apks Clean
    We can find out all of unused apk files, One Cleaner can show you the apk files list, and help you to clean them.

    4. System Temp Files Clean
    Use your phone for a long time, there will lots of system temp file stay in your phone storage like .log .tmp. log.txt. One Cleaner can find out all of the system temp files and help you to clean up.

    5. Big File Find Out
    When the phone storage is running out of time, One Cleaner can help you to find out all the big files, help you backup it to Google Drive cloud storage, and clean it from your phone. So you freed up phone storage and speed up it.

    6. One Cleaner can also find out all duplicate files, empty folders, show the list to you and help you to clean it up.

    Phone Booster
    A quick booster can free up RAM and clean background tasks.

    Storage Analyzer
    Storage analyzer & disk Usage displays information on sdcard, usb devices, sd-cards, external and internal storage (Google Drive) in a simple and clear graphical form. Storage Analyzer helps to free up disk space and clean file trash by quickly finding and deleting big. It can show you how many app, picture, audio and video in your phone, and how many storages they used.

    File Explorer
    File explorer helps manage your android phone and files efficiently and effectively, you can do copy, paste, delete and rename a file, or you can share files to others with File Explorer.

    App Control
    Using the app control you are surprised at how many apps were running in background and how much storage is used. You can do so much with app control like export the source apk files, stop an background app, view app's detail informations.

    Data Backup
    One Cleaner can help you to backup your important data to cloud storage:
    1. Contact backup and restore
    2. Short Message backup and restore
    3. Photo backup
    4. Video backup

    Wi-Fi Security
    Wi-Fi Security can scan and detect all Wi-Fi clients, it will show you how many devices are sharing your bandwidth, with that you can check out which is Wi-Fi spy, remove all spy by your router manage page to make your Wi-Fi safe and fast.

    Supported multi-languages: Arabic, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese.

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