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    In addition to other functionalities of Cloudcheck v2.8, v2.9 brings router management to the cloud.

    Core functionalities of Cloudcheck:

    Speed Test

    Test the individual components in your internet connection including Wi-Fi, cellular, broadband
    Choose the nearest Cloudcheck test node to ensure the accuracy of your results
    Determine the "bottle neck" in your connection and whether each link is good, average or poor relative to it's maximal capability
    Provide feedback via the thumbs up/down as to your perception of connectivity quality

    W-Fi Sweetspots

    Turn your mobile device in to a Wi-Fi speed probe
    Walk through your environment to probe and determine the Wi-Fi speed in any location
    Record and label each spot of interest for future reference
    The audio on/off feature emulates a "geiger counter."


    Smartifi makes your wireless router intelligent
    When connected to a Cloudcheck enabled Wi-Fi router/access point you can register and activate Cloudcheck's monitoring and optimization service known as Smartifi
    Smartifi monitors and optimizes your network from the cloud to ensure maximal performance on your Wi-Fi network and give you visibiity in to the speed of each device connected to the network.
    Smartifi displays the current speed and previous 7 days average speed.
    Smartifi enables user preferences such as blocking specific devices.

    Remote management of Smartifi enabled routers
    With the owner's permission, Smartifi features are available remotely for users to monitor and manage a Smartifi enabled router anywhere on the cloud

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